Memorias del Black Hat USA 2009

Andrea Barisani, Daniele Bianco
Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling of Mechanical Energy and Power Line Leakage
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Bill Blunden
Anti-Forensics: The Rootkit Connection
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Michael Brooks, David Aslanian
BitTorrent Hacks
[White Paper]

Lockpicking Forensics
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Mark Dowd, Ryan Smith, David Dewey
The Language of Trust: Exploiting Trust Relationships in Active Content
[Video Recording]

Muhaimin Dzulfakar
Advanced MySQL Exploitation
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Using Guided Missiles in Drive-by’s: Automatic browser fingerprinting and exploitation with Metasploit

Chris Gates
Breaking the “Unbreakable” Oracle with Metasploit
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Jeremiah Grossman, Trey Ford
Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems: Making A LOT More Money on the Web the Black Hat Way

Mikko Hypponen
The Conficker Mystery
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Dan Kaminsky
Something about Network Security
[Video Recording]

Zane Lackey, Luis Miras
Attacking SMS

Kevin Mahaffey, Anthony Lineberry, John Hering
Is Your Phone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking and Defending Mobile Devices
[White Paper]

Jeongwook Oh
Fight Against 1-day Exploits: Diffing Binaries vs Anti-diffing Binaries
[White Paper] [Presentation]

Peter Silberman, Steve Davis
Metasploit Autopsy: Reconstructing the Crime Scene
[White Paper] [Presentation] [Source]


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